6 Ways to Share Music During Quarantine

We are longing for face-to-face contact. Many small-town musicians are struggling to find good ways to promote and share their music while still following social distancing guidelines. Even if coffee house jam sessions or background music for events are your preferred way of sharing your music, we all need to learn how to adapt. Here are some ways you can continue to promote your music online during quarantine.

Social Media- Though there are many great platforms specifically designed for music sharing, first take advantage of free tools on social media. Particularly if you are just starting out, this can be a great way to ease into a public online presence. Setting up a free page on Facebook allows you to advertise your business, create events, and even live stream. A good portion of what you share should be light and informational, not directly promotional. However, the more people enjoy the posts, images, or videos you share, the more likely they are to continue listening when you have a new song out or if they are looking to hire a musician. Instagram stories and Twitter hashtags can also be very effective for promoting your work.

YouTube- Not only can you promote your work with recordings of original songs or covers, but you can vlog to share about yourself and your vision behind your work. The personal touches, even if they do not relate directly to your music, can help build your brand and create interest in your work. If you are going to use YouTube, take the time to make sure both the audio and video offer quality content. You will probably need to do some video editing or hire some help to make sure you are putting your best foot forward.

Spotify– Spotify is currently the dominant music streaming platform. It has the widest selection of music featuring nearly every recorded artist. Because it features songs by many top stars, getting your single or album uploaded can make you feel like one of the big players. At the same time, your release may get crowded out by the huge number of other available artists. You can buy Spotify streams to help boost your presence. Your songs may even get connected to a playlist with bigger names who perform in a similar genre.

iTunes- As the music service compatible with all Apple products, it also offers a wide music library. Apple Music and iTunes also give song suggestions to connect users to new music. This kind of promotion could be exactly what you need to build a bigger audience.

E-mail List– Use an e-mail list to share updates with your current fan base about when you are performing or releasing new music, give teasers for new projects, or poll them for information to gauge interest in new ideas. If you do not have an e-mail list built up yet, use personal contacts, social media, YouTube, and any other resource available to request e-mails. You will know that those who sign up have a more dedicated interest than casual followers on social media and may want more detailed information only available in e-mail updates.

Website- Last, but not least, if you are serious about promoting and sharing your music and talent with an online audience, we recommend creating your own website. More permanent, professional, and customizable than social media, a website is an excellent place for you to showcase your work and introduce yourself as a serious artist.

While we wait for restriction-free live music again, keep improving and promoting your talent.

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