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Is 48 Hrs. The Best Buddy Cop Movie?

It is always difficult for me to say that something is the “Best”, but I think 48 HR.S is a legitimate contender.

One thing that gives this film a lead is the Eddie Murphy factor. Of course, most people think that Beverly Hills Cop is Murphy’s best film from this genre, but I beg to differ.

I recently did a 48 HR.S /Another 48 Hrs from the recent release from Paramount.

My belief is that if you add Nick Nolte to the mix with Walter Hill directing, you’ve got an awesome movie that is definite contender for a “ Best” title. I love the action sequences, which Hill knows how to do well.

Its Eddie Murphy’s Raw mixed with a Beverly Hills Cop you’ve got an idea of the vibe of the film.

One funny thing that I just realized is that Jonathan Banks stars in both films. He’s a badass heavy in films and TV shows like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

One cool thing about the release this Tuesday of both 48 Hrs’ film is that the it is the first time the films have been available digitally (which you get with the Blu-rays). You also get a commentary by director Walter Hill and a handful of other features.

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