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Detention Movie Review

Detention is in select theaters and online now from Dekanalog.

Detention is directed and co-written by John Hsu and stars Gingle Wang, Fu Meng-po, Tseng Ching-hua, Cecilia Choi, and Hung Chang Chu. 

I went into Detention completely lit blind. I hadn’t seen the trailer or read the synopsis.

The color palette of Detention is a thing of beauty. Color and lighting are extremely important for any film, but especially so with horror. Second to lighting is sound. I think that at times more scares can be accomplished by what you don’t see. Sounds help influence to tone of each scene.

The use of first person shots were not overused, despite the film being based off of a Steam video game. I actually loved the feeling when the shots were from the persons perspective.

Detention was designed by Red Candle Games. I love the use of red candies throughout the film. I’m guessing there was a stockpile of the candles at the school.

Detention is a must-watch for horror and video game fans alike!


Carefully adapted from the hit Steam side scroller from Red Candle Games, this masterful debut from director and co-writer John Hsu creates at once a shocking historical drama, melancholy coming-of-age tale, and nightmarish horror film that recalls the masterworks of Guillermo del Toro – and with enough blood, striking sound design, art direction, and special effects to evoke the best of SILENT HILL. 

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