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F/X and F/X 2 Get the Kino Lorber Treatment

I love F/X. It was a staple on HBO while I was growing up. I remember watching movies over and over again.

Back then, there wasn’t on demand or DVR’s so you have to check the channel guide for when the next airing was.

I’ve always love special effects. The effects in F/X and F/X 2 are some of the most amazing I’ve seen.

i like seeing Bryan Brown and Brian Dennehy together on screen. Jerry Orbach is great, but it’s weird to see him in a role outside of Law & Order.

This is a definite pickup for fans of special effects with a nice mix of thrills and action.

F/X (1986) – Bryan Brown (Tai-Pan) and Brian Dennehy (Gorky Park) command the heart-pounding action in this first-class thriller, crackling with excitement. Rollie Tyler (Brown) is the best special effects artist in showbiz, but this time it’s not the studios seeking him out… it’s the Justice Department. His assignment: to stage the assassination of an important underworld witness. And after he pulls the illusion off—making the informant disappear—Tyler is dumbfounded to learn that he’s being pinned for the murder. Double-crossed and now hunted by those who hired him, Tyler quickly learns that he can trust no one… and the only thing left that can save his life is his unequaled mastery of illusion. This top-notch actioner features wonderful performances by Diane Venora (Heat), Cliff De Young (Blue Collar), Mason Adams (The Final Conflict), Jerry Orbach (TV’s Law & Order) and Tom Noonan (Manhunter) and great direction by Robert Mandel (The Substitute). F/X2 (1991) – Bryan Brown (Cocktail) and Brian Dennehy (Legal Eagles) are back as Rollie and Leo in an all-new action-thriller that continues the F/X saga with stylish wit, unrelenting suspense and amazing high-tech action. Five years after his first deadly adventure, Rollie Tyler (Brown) has left the special effects business and now designs sophisticated electronic toys for a living. But when his girlfriend’s ex-husband, a police detective, persuades him to devise an illusion to capture a serial killer, Rollie is once again lured into the lethal world of make-believe. And soon, he finds himself trapped in a murderous maze of deceit and treachery in which he must depend on his ingenious tricks and his friendship with detective Leo McCarthy (Dennehy) to expose a terrifying underworld conspiracy… but only if he can stay alive. Cult filmmaker Richard Franklin (Psycho II, Link) directed this top-notch sequel, featuring wonderful performances by Rachel Ticotin (Total Recall), Joanna Gleason (Boogie Nights), Philip Bosco (The Dream Team) and Kevin J. O’Connor (Deep Rising).

Bonus Features:

On-camera interview with F/X Director Robert Mandel | | The Making of F/X and F/X 2 Featurettes | FX and FX2 Theatrical Trailers | O-Card Slipcase | Optional English Subtitles

 Watch the trailer below:

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