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Wayne’s World 30th Anniversary – Review

I’ve watched Wayne’s World over 30 times easily. At least three times in the theater. I watched the film with commentary this time.

This was one of my favorite commentary tracks that I’ve watched. The amazing Penelope Spheeris gave me so much information and background on the film.

Growing up, I always thought that movies were filmed on location. I initially thought Wayne’s World was actually filmed in Illinois.

This is difficult for adult me to understand. Especially having watched The Graduate people to seeing Wayne’s World.

I am odd, I love hearing about filming locations and all of the details and reasons for choosing said locations. Spheeris delivered in that thought the commentary.

The film quality looks great on Blu-ray. The only other feature is a 24 minute film with interviews from Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tia Carrere and Rob Lowe.

Commentary tracks give you a lot of insight about characters and character actors. Because of this track I realized that I’d seen Brian Doyle Murray ( Bill Murray’s brother) in many other films.

if you have friends who’ve never seen Wayne’s World, then this 30th Anniversary disc is the perfect pickup to show them. Bonus event is that this is a Steelbook, and it’s pretty cool. I like to collect Steelbooks so that’s the reason I was interested.

Watch the trailer:

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