Film Based On ANOTHER BRICK IN TH WALL Coming To Theaters

Looks like we will be seeing a film inspired by Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The WallProducer Andy Harries who worked on films such as The Queen and The Damned United is currently developing a film based on the Pink Floyd classic. This is not a remake of the Alan Parker’s movie The Wall, but is an entirely new film that tells the true story.  The film will focus on the schoolchildren who sang on the 1979 hit song and the inspired music teacher who made it all happen. Harries describes the film as Dead Poets Society meets School of Rock.

Deadline reports that, Harries optioned “the life story of music teacher Alan Renshaw who arrived at a struggling north London comprehensive (public) school in the late 70s, determined to shake things up. His class eventually ends up singing the chorus on the Pink Floyd track – whose controversial lyrics, flicking a V-sign at authority.” There’s definitely an interesting story to tell here. This is a very powerful song, and it wouldn’t have been the same without this children’s choir. There’s a strong sense of punk rebellion, both in the lyrics and the performance these kids gave. Alan Renshaw ended up getting fired from his job over it. 
Steve Thompson will be writing the script for Left Bank and BBC Films. This just goes to show that this song and the entire Pink Floyd album is such a classic album that 30 years later people are developing films inspired by the music.  In an ironic twist of fate the students ended up suing the band in 2004, seeking unpaid royalties.
As of right now, Harries does not have the rights to the classic song.  This song is imperative to the films success in my mind. Here’s the original music video for the song. 
Source: Deadline
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