Alex Pettyfer Signs On To Star In DreamWorks Racing Film

Alex Pettyfer seems to have a great relationship with DreamWorks. Pettyfer currently stars in the lead role of the upcoming adaptation of the James Frey novel of I Am Number FourThis film is being staged as a franchise and is set for release on February 18.

Pettyfer has just signed on to star in another film with the studio. DreamWorks has bought the rights to Shunt: The Story of James Hunt, a novel from Tom Rubython. He will play James Hunt, the British racing driver who won the Formula One World Championships in 1976 and whose charm turned the whole country on to the sport.
Writers are currently being sought by the studio for the project. Pettyfer will produce along with John Palermo. Palermo is currenlty producing the Darren Aronofsky‘s Wolverine and will produce Incareron.

Source: Deadline

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