It looks Conan the Barbarian is having some trouble! We recently reported on the film’s name change back to Conan The Barbarian.  
Today, it has been reported that the film not only has changed the title, but the movie may no longer be released in 3D and reshoots are currently going on. 

The film has been finished filming for a while, but according to MOVIEHOLE some of the cast are having to return to Bulgaria for reshoots. This is troubling news for the film since it comes on the heels of the first round of test screenings!
Here’s what an insider at MOVIEHOLE had to say about the reshoots:

“Okay, but look…some people need to realize this isn’t a film version of the Robert E.Howard books, it’s an interpretation…another spin on the character. It’s a little bit different, but I think it’s fine.”

Here is what an insider had to say about the film being released in 3D: 

“It could be that they have abandoned 3D but last I heard they were going to shoot some more 3D friendly scenes and then hire a freelance firm to convert it in post”

The only reason I may be interested in seeing this film is because of Ron Perlman.  It already sounds like something I will be waiting for DVD to watch.   What are your thoughts on this news?
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