Is Hawkeye Appearing In THOR?

Could Hawkeye make an appearance in Thor?

Jeremy Renner is playing Hawkeye in Joss Wehdon‘s The Avengers. Renner commented at one point that   the character would pop up in the film Thor saying, “If I was a betting man, I would bet that Hawkeye would probably show up in Thor, and then be in The Avengers. But do I know for sure? I can’t say. But I’d love for that to happen. It’d be fun.” Soon after he made that comment he announced he would not be appearing in Thor, claiming that it “was just one of those things that got blown way out of proportion,” but now The Wrap say’s that he will have a cameo in Thor.
Here’s is the information the site is basing their report on:

An individual who has seen an early cut of Thor confirmed to TheWrap that Renner’s Hawkeye appears in the film, although the person declined to elaborate on the context of the character’s appearance or when it will occur. They did, however, confirm Jackson’s earlier statements that Nick Fury does not appear in Thor.

As of now this is not an official confirmation, it is merely a guy that claims to have seen the movie and saw the character. There are likely to be a number of cool easter eggs and cameos in Thor, and this could very will be one of them.
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