Nicolas Cage To Star In MEDALLION For Simon West

Nicolas Cage is officially set to star in a new action film being directed by Simon West called Medallion.

Cage and West worked together on the awesome action film Con Air. I have not enjoyed many of Cage’s recent films, so I hope that this film will be as cool as the last time they worked together.

The film is being produced by Millennium Entertainment, and was written by David Guggenheim (Safe House), who used to be a journalist for US Weekly. The story is similar to the movie Taken, and Cage plays a father, a former master thief, who has only a few hours to find his daughter when she is kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a New York medallion taxi cab.
There are a bunch of films in the works currently, where a father sets out on a dangerous journey to rescue his kidnapped daughter. That type of plot is nothing new, but lets hope it does not get overused.   What are your thoughts about this news?
Source: THR

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