Roberto Orci And Alex Kurtzman Break The Story For STAR TREK 2

I am thoroughly convinced that Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have been trained by the CIA to evade questions.  Despite an interview today with the LA Times we are still galaxies away from knowing the plot and storyline for Star Trek 2

The writers revealed only, “we have broken the story, which is very exciting.”  It was also stated that the writers have been consulting the original series during their writing process, much to the happiness of loyal fan.  

The discussion had some very interesting questions, but the most interesting was when Orci and Kurtzman were asked if the story’s dramatic stakes would mirror the Empire Strikes Back, the second act of the original Star Wars trilogy.  In typical fashion Kurtzman responded by saying:

“I don’t know that we’ve ever thought of it in terms of a trilogy.” 

Orci then added the following:

“We thought of [Star Trek] as, ‘How do we tell how this happened the first time and how do we free it so that it can go on forever without stepping on what came before.’ So, if you were thinking of this movie as a second act, yeah, you would think of it as an Empire Strikes Back sort of story, but I’m not sure we’re thinking of it as a second act. I can’t speak for everybody on that, though.” 

It goes without saying that any writer wants their sequel to be better than the original.  Kurtzman acknowledged that the reason movies like Empire work so well is

“because they have such emotional impact not just on us as viewers but because they put the characters through the mill in a way that was so primal and visceral. So now [with the second film] it becomes about this family that’s together… the thing that shakes them up and challenges them.” 

I feel as though I know a whole lot about Star Trek 2, but in actuality we don’t know much,  We do know that Abrams’ Trek may or may not be a trilogy and that Orci and Kurtzman are very aware of audience expectations for the sequel.  We also now have what seems to be a confirmation on the rumor that a villain from the original series is likely to appear in the sequel.  

I actually loved the first film and am very excited about the sequel.  Are you looking forward to Star Trek 2?  What are your thoughts of this confusing news?

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