Sacha Baron Cohen Lines Up His Next Roles

Sacha Baron Cohen has been looking for his next film and he is headed in a different direction than that of Bruno.

In 2011 he will being filming The Dictator which is a story about a goat herder and dictator making his way to America and may be directed by Larry Charles.

Cohen’s next on-screen appearance will be in a supporting role in Hugo Cabret. One of his next possible leading roles is Torrente, a Hollywood version of Spain’s favorite racist and corrupt cop.

The Spanish comedy-action films were created created by and star comedian Santiago Segura and continually top the box office. The films follow the main character, Jose Luis Torrente a police officer that although he has been fired from the force he continues to patrol the streets and traffics in all manner of shady outrageousness in pursuit of his own brand of justice.

The LA Times reports that Cohen has met with New Line several times on the movie, and that Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel are currently writing the script. These Seinfeld vets are the same writers that penned The Dictator.   

Even though I am not familiar with the Spanish version, the project sounds perfect for Cohen.  What are your thoughts?
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