SPIDER-MAN Reboot Filming With EPIC RED Cameras

It was recently revealed that Peter Jackson would be shooting The Hobbit films in 3D using the new EPIC RED cameras. Today it’s been revealed that Sony Pictures and director Marc Webb are also using the same cameras to shoot the new Spider-Man 3D reboot. 

With its smaller size and lighter weight, the camera allows for more efficient production schedules and better usage. 
Filming has already begun as of yesterday with the cameras. According to Engadget, “John Schwartzman, the dude responsible for filming the whole thing, has been extolling the virtues of using such fancy gear over on the RED forums, which is also where he promises his crew will be making further comments detailing the user experience.” SO make sure to check the RED forums if you’re interested in how these cameras perform. 
This RED Camera technology is the future of filmmaking, and it will be cool to see what these films end up looking like on the big screen. 
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