ALIEN SLEEPER CELL About To Be Awoken Thanks To DISTRICT 9 Producer

Bill Block (producer of District 9) is currently prepping another alien invasion film titled Alien Sleeper Cell!
The film is in development with the help of Adrian Askarieh‘s Prime Universe Productions. Newcomer Morgan Davis Foehl will write the script which will focus on an alien invasion. Specific details are scarce at this time sinc the project has just gotten off the ground. 

I am guessing that based solely on my assumption from the title that this is likely similar to The Event which also involves an alien sleeper cell of sorts. I am not saying that this film will be anything like the show, but I am willing to bet it involves a sleeper cell that is quietly waiting to take over the world.

Lately there have been a bunch of alien invasion and alien related films headed to the big screen. We have reported on most of them. Out of the ones coming this year I am looking forward to seeing Battle: Los Angeles the most.

What are your thoughts on this news? Which alien related films or TV shows are you enjoying the most currently?

Source: Variety
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