AMC Theaters Offering Best Picture Showcase Again This Year!

Have you not had the chance to see all of the movies yet receiving Oscar Buzz? Not to worry because AMC Theaters has you covered. They have just confirmed that they will continue their Best Picture Showcase. The ten films nominated for Best Picture Oscar’s will be shown on a two day event as select theaters on February 19th and February 26th.

As of right now, the films being shown since the nominees have yet to be announced. Regardlless, this event is a perfect lead in the the 83rd Annual Academy Awards hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway on February 27th. Full information about the Showcase, including ticket prices and locations should be available on January 28th.

I have yet to attend the Showcase at my local AMC, but I hope to this year. One of the coolest parts of the event is the 24-Hour Best Picture Showcase Marathon. The Marathon is typically held on the 2nd date of the Showcase, meaning you will be losing a lot of sleep around Oscar time!

As a Marathon ticket holder you receive a large popcorn with unlimited refills for the entire day. Ticket prices have yet to be announced, but the 2010 prices ranged from $30 for a one-day pass to $60 for a two-day pass. In addition to the Marathon, there are showings of all 10 nominees each day if you prefer to pick and choose which films you would like to see. 
So which will it be an insomnia-filled couple of days or a few showings here and there?  
Source: AMC
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