A Look Back At The MOVIE MAGIC TV Series

The Discovery Channel aired a cool documentary series called Movie Magic between 1994-1997. The show took a look inside how special effects were created, sometimes with limited means. The 70 episode show never made it to VHS or DVD in it’s entirety.

I remember watching a few of these episodes when I was younger and being enthralled with what went on behind the scenes. It would be great to see the series on DVD/Blu-ray, but I don’t think Discovery has been  able to get the rights the behind the scenes footage.
If you have yet to see the series or want to take a trip down memory lane the first 12 episodes are embedded below thanks to /Film. Be sure to let us know what you think!
Movie Magic Episode 1 – Creature Makeup
Movie Magic Episode 2 – Optical FX

Movie Magic Episode 3 – Creature Articulation
Movie Magic Episode 4 – Miniature Pyrotechnics
Movie Magic Episode 5 – Forced Perspective
Movie Magic Episode 6 – Ride Films
Movie Magic Episode 7 – Action Miniatures
Movie Magic Episode 8 – Matte Paintings
Movie Magic Episode 9 – Computer Animation
Movie Magic Episode 10 – Cinematic Flight
Movie Magic Episode 11 – Models and Miniatures

Movie Magic Episode 12 – Stop Motion Animation: One Step at a Time

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