MONSTERS INC. 2 Rumored To Be A Prequel

It is rumored that Monsters Inc. 2 is being planned as a prequel!

You may be aware Monsters Inc. 2 was given a release date of November 16, 2012. Not much has been been mentioned since that was announced last Spring. Rumors habe begun about the plot for the film.
The admin at a French site called Disney Plaza CentralMonsters Inc 2 will go be a prequel and that the story will have Mike and Sulley both enrolled at the University of Fear and will show how they start off as enemies but soon become friends. Animatie, a Dutch blog, reports the source of the info as coming from a 2011/2012 catalog given to theater owners by Disney.
As of now this remains a rumor, albeit an intersting one. Pixar typically churns through many story changes and tweaks throughout their development process. It is likely that instead of being true this turns out to be an early concept that slipped out. Cars 2 may provide our first teaser from Pixar of the true story line of the Monsters Inc. 2.
Monsters Inc. is definitely one of my favorite animated films. I think the idea of a prequel may be likely, but who knows the legitimacy of the rumored story line yet. What are your thoughts?

Source: The Playlist
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