Producer Charles Roven Discusses THE DARK KNIGHT RISES And SUPERMAN

Check out this cool new interview with Charles Roven, one of the producers of of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films as well as the upcoming Superman film being directed by Zack Snyder

STYD recently did an interview with producer Charles Roven who is one of the producers of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films as well as the upcoming Superman film being directed by Zack Snyder
In the recent interview with Roven by STYD, we do not learn much that we did not already know, but he talks about what it’s like working with Nolan, confirms that the Batman and Superman movies don’t have a shared universe, and he won’t reveal if the rumors about Superman’s new costume being full CGI are true or not.
Read part of the interview below, and when your done tell us what you think? Would you want to see a full CGI Superman costume like they did with Green Lantern?
Can you talk a little more about what’s next for you? You mentioned Superman and, of course, there’s The Dark Knight Rises. It seems like a big time for DC Comics on the big screen.

And they’ve got the Green Lantern coming out, too. But we’re really excited to be doing another film with Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas. We’ve had great experiences working together. I just really enjoy making those films and being there to help Chris try and realize this amazing vision that he’s had for his Batman series. I’m also really thrilled that I was invited into the Superman process as well. It’s going to be interesting. Those are two really big films and they both have an exciting and eager fanbase that’s waiting. I’ve been a huge fan of Zack Snyder’s since, really, Dawn of the Dead and had a great meeting with him that resulted in us working together. Chris and Emma are also producing that film with me as is Deborah Snyder. So we’re having a really great time working on both this films right now.

Is the thought that they might have a shared universe one day?

No. That may be in somebody’s mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world. Those stories are those stories and we haven’t thought beyond each individual picture.

Christian Bale mentioned recently that he felt that the Batman films would wrap up with the third one.

Well, I think that Chris Nolan has said that he wanted to make a trilogy and this is a trilogy. As far as we all know, this is it. This is the trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is the third part of what Chris created with Batman Begins and we’re not looking past that. I’ve said this about Chris before: I’ve never known Chris to do anything but focus on the movie he’s making. He gets completely immersed in the movie he’s doing and I know that all he’s thinking about right now when it comes to Batman, the Dark Knight Rises, is making it the best movie he can. He’s not thinking, “will there be another one?” And he’s already said, in his mind, it’s a trilogy. So I think he’s just focusing on making this the best he possibly can and that’s it.

Knowing that he’s sort of famous for that single-movie focus, how hard is it getting time balanced out for godfathering Superman as well?

It’s a huge workload, but there’s a way we’ve been talking about how to make it work. Hopefully, there will be a little bit of time in-between the start of production on both of them. Right now Dark Knight Rises is coming out in the summer of 2012 and Superman is coming out in the winter of 2012. So hopefully — and we’re just at the beginning phases of both of them. We haven’t even entered official pre-production on either one of them — there will be a little bit of room. They’re both going to be long shoots. I’m sure there’s going to be some overlap, but hopefully there’ll be as little overlap as possible.

One last Superman question: There are persistent rumors of a CGI Superman. Can you comment on that?

You know, one of the things that you probably know about me and us working on this movie is that the rumors are the rumors and when we have something to say, we’ll say it. Until we do, there’s nothing to say.

You can read the full interview over at STYD.
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