Ron Howard Gives An Update On ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Movie

Here is an update on the Arrested Development movie from director Ron Howard!

Howard is currently running around promoting his new comedy The Dilemma, and durring his press adventures he gave a brief update on the long-awaited Arrested Development movie saying,

I won’t be directing the ‘Arrested Development’ movie, but Mitch Hurwitz is determined. I know we’ve been saying this for awhile, but I’d be really surprised if we didn’t have an ‘Arrested Development’ movie sooner rather than later.

Despite Howard being confident that that the film will make it to the big screen, fans of the show have heard this news so many times from several different people involved with the project, with nothing ever happening. I think it is too late for a film version seeing as how long ago the show was on. 
What are your thoughts?
Source: Comingsoon
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