Sam Rockwell Joins COGAN’S TRADE Starring Brad Pitt

Sam Rockwell has officially signed on to co-star in the comic crime saga Cogan’s Trade.

This reunites him with director Andrew Dominik, and it’s star Brad Pitt, who all worked together on the incredible film, The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford.

In the film, Pitt will play Jackie Cogan, a professional enforcer who investigates a heist that takes place during a high stakes poker game held under the protection of the mob. The picture will have an ensemble cast. There is still no word on who Rockwell will play in the film, but he definitely attached to it. It’s also rumored that Casey Afflect will have a role in the film as well. 
There’s no doubt this film is going to end up having a great cast, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
Here’s a description of the book that the movie is based off of:
Cogan’s Trade is the top-notch crime novel rated by the New Yorker as the “best” from “the Balzac of the Boston underworld.” Crackling dialogue, mordant humor, and unremitting tension drive the suspenseful stakes of the game higher in Boston’s precarious underworld of small-time mobsters, crooked lawyers, and political gofers as George V. Higgins, the writer who boiled crime fiction harder, tracks Jackie Cogan’s career in a gangland version of law and order. For Cogan is an enforcer; and when the Mob’s rules get broken, he gets hired to ply his trade—murder. In the gritty, tough-talking pages of Higgins’s 1974 national best-seller, Cogan is called in when a high-stake card game under the protection of the Mob is heisted. Expertly, with a ruthless businessman’s efficiency, a shrewd sense of other people’s weaknesses, and a style as cold as his stare, Cogan moves with reliable precision to restore the status quo as ill-conceived capers and double-dealing shenanigans erupt into high-voltage violence
Source: Deadline
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