The Legend of Billie Jean is the epitome of an 80’s classic. It was released in 1985 and didn’t make much of a splash at the box office. However, the film gained somewhat of a cult following upon it’s release on home video and HBO. It follows a brother and sister who have to go on the run after being wrongfully accused of an accidental crime.

the-legend-of-billie-jean-blu-ray-review-coverIf you are looking for a classic 80’s flick that is a modern-day retelling of the Joan of Arc story, then this film is for you. Like many movies, The Legend of Billie Jean does not hold up to the test of time and thankfully the 80’s hairstyles didn’t either.

The film does have a decent story featuring a strong female lead that women can look up to, a solid cast, and a stellar soundtrack with songs from Billie Idol and Pat Benatar. The Blu-ray boasts only special feature, but it is a pretty good one. Helen Slater and Yeardley Smith sit down to take fans behind-the-scenes on the audio commentary track.

Check out my full audio review of The Legend of Billie Jean special “Fair is Fair” edition which arrives in stores July 22d.


When local rich kid Hubie Pyatt (Barry Tubb) steals and wrecks Binx Davy’s beloved motor scooter, Binx’s older sister Billie Jean (Helen Slater) demands the $608 it costs to fix it. Binx shoots Mr. Pyatt (Richard Bradford) by accident and he and Billie Jean flee town, accompanied by Billie Jean’s girlfriends Ophelia (Martha Gehman) and Putter (Yeardley Smith). They become fugitives and when they pick up a very willing hostage, Lloyd (Keith Gordon), they become criminals. Billie Jean becomes a legend in her own time, a symbol of freedom to teenagers everywhere.

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