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8 of The Worst Things About Video Games

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Video games are amazing, this is because they give us an opportunity to come up with our best mental skills. Imagine, 40 years ago, we were battling with two bats and a square but today, we have a vast array of gaming options online. The most intriguing thing about the gaming world is, there is room for everyone. Whether it’s about riding across the beautiful landscapes or crossing the rocky terrains on Lara croft, the gaming world has a lot to offer. However, as we continue to count the pros of video games, it is very essential to talk about the cons as well. Continue reading to know about them:

  1. Unescapable CutScenes

The most problematic thing about video games is, you can’t skip many scenes. Especially when it comes to an everlasting fight between the protagonist and antagonist, one needs to grow the extra skin of patience throughout the series.

  1. Formulaic Boss Battles

Although there are many options in the game series, yet you will be restrained by the game at some point in time, even if the coast is clear. So it becomes very daunting when one almost loses a battle just because the game doesn’t allow it to go further.

  1. Accidental Voice Commands

Some people often dive full throttle in a way that they forget to focus on the noises from around the environment. However, the problem with voice commands is, most of the words are not healthy for the little ones, so it is better to turn them off.

  1. Miserly Save Points

This is the most pathetic thing that happens during the middle of the game. You think you’re halfway through the game but something suddenly puts you in the beginning all over. This means you have to fight the dragon from the beginning.

  1. Misleading Navigational Signposting

Although it seems that it will help you in exiting the demonic cave, in reality, it won’t. There are several signs that misguide players during the game. So next time you’re following a few signs, don’t get deviated from the path by checking out signposts that don’t even help you in copping out of a tough situation.

  1. Escort Quests

Sometimes the mission of the game changes immediately after you take control of the situation. So it is only after that you try to protect the president, the game suddenly claims that you have to fight the enemy while hosting the chariot. This happens very often so it is better to keep playing instead of stressing out.

  1. Hacking Mini Games

Very often, the toughest thing to do is to hack mini-games, which is a part of playing a bigger game. However, during the hacking process, your own game might get hacked, resulting in loss of valuable points. So you better watch out.

  1. Sex Scenes

Nobody is interested in watching porn while being invested in a winning game. Sexual GIFs have gained massive popularity in the last few years as people look for pornographic content online. Especially when such scenes can’t be blocked, the problem becomes worse with little kids who don’t even know whether or not to report it as a problem.

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