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A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE Is A Crime Thriller With Heart

I am always interested in Hong Kong films. I started in High School when I first watched Hard Boiled and The Killer by John Woo. These films lit a fire under me to seek out more Asian cinema. When I saw that A Witness Out Of The Blue was part of Fantasia Festival, I new I had a request a screener.

For some reason I have always identified more with the antihero in films. This has gone back to my days watching Westerns with my father and then reignited with the films of Quentin Tarantino. The Wild Bunch, The Magnificent Seven and many other classic Westerns ha so many great antiheros, I can go on and on.

A Witness Out of the Blue is directed by Andrew Fung, who has collaborated with some amazing forces in cinema.  He worked as a screenwriter for Johnnie To on Sparrow. Fung has also worked with  Stephen Chow, on Shaolin Soccer and The Mermaid.

For a first foray into the crime thriller genre, Fung has done an amazing job of truly capturing his antihero, played by Louis Koo. Koo reminds me of Leon in The Professional with his tactical precision and lack of emotion seen in his facial expressions. Philip Keung (Sleep Without a Shepherd), Andy On (Once Upon a Time in Shanghai), Jessica Hester (Flirting Scholar), Louis Cheung as the detective hell bent on catching those responsible for the botched robbery.

Hester is visually impaired which took me back to The Killer that I mentioned above. I prefer Hard Boiled, but the nods to Woo’s action classic is undeniable. Hester as the visually impaired landlady, much like the visually impaired love interest in The Killer.

One of the other reasons that I wanted to watch this is because of Cheung’s partner, a real-life talking parrot. Even the parrot has worked before. The parrot starred in the Shaw Bros. classic called Bloody Parrot. You can’t help but have a smile on your face when you see the parrot on screen. There are other tender moments between Hester and Koo that make this crime thriller stand out.

If you love The Killer like I do, then A Witness Out of The Blue is a film you need to seek out On Demand or Digital.

A Witness Out of The Blue Synopsis:

A notorious criminal, a detective and a talking parrot collide after a botched robbery! Three months later, the mastermind Wong is on the run, the prime suspect for murdering one of his own teammates. In his attempt to clear his name, he finds himself in a complex web involving corrupt cops, survivors of the robbery, the missing loot, betrayals, and collateral damage. Close on his tail is the animal-loving detective Lam. With his boss constantly on his back, Lam must piece together this puzzle with a talking parrot as his only witness!

Check Out the Trailer:

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