Liam Neeson Cast In AN ORDINARY MAN

Liam Neeson has had a career explosion lately.  It has just been announced that he will take on the lead role in a low-budget indie film project being directed by Brad Silberling (Land of the Lost) called An Ordinary Man
He would play a fugitive war criminal being hidden by his supporters.  The character was modeled after former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic who’s being hidden by his supporters.  This is a slight departure for Neeson, who typically plays the role of the good guy.  I am excited to see him go over to the dark side.  He is a very talented actor and can handle any role he tackles in my opnion. 

Neeson has a whole bunch of projects the works currently.  He has returned to voice Aslan in The Chronicles of Naria: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader arriving in theaters later this month.  In February audiences will see him in the upcoming thriller Unknown. He also has small roles in The Hangover Part II, Peter Berg’s Battleship, and he’ll return for Clash of the Titans 2 as well. In January, Neeson will start shooting Joe Carnahan‘s The Grey and then he’s committed to play a sheriff on the U.S./Mexican border in Ji-Woon Kim’s Last Stand which sounds like the perfect Neeson role.
Source: Variety
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