Film Transcends Life – Zachary’s Bill Becomes Law In Canada

This is a great story that I have to share with you today.  Film and TV touch the lives of millions of people, but one film has the chance to save lives. Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father. Directed by Kurt Kuenne. Zachary’s Bill was officially turned into law in Canada on Wednesday.

The film is currenly availble to watch instantly on Netflix. Here is a little background on the the movie. It’s filming began as a portrait of Kuenne’s murdered best friend Andrew Bagby so that Bagby’s newborn son, Zachary, can watch it when he’s older. It becomes much more than that though once Zachary’s mom, Shirley Turner, who is also accused of killing Bagby, comes back into the picture.
Shirley Turner was was sent to jail for the murder of Andrew Bagby and is released from jail on bail to take her son Zachary away from his grandparents, Bagby’s parents, David and Kate.  She then proceeeds to kill herself and the child. I am at a loss to even begin to describe the feelings of the viewers when this news is revealed let alone the Bagby’s feelings.
David and Kate Bagby channeled their emotions into a goal and set out to change the Canadian laws that allowed Shirley Turner, a convicted murderer, out on bail. That was 2003. Now, in 2010, Bill C-464, nicknamed Zachary’s Bill, was finally signed into law. The law “amends the Criminal Code to refuse bail to those charged with serious crimes when necessary to protect the safety of the public, specifically children under the age of 18,” according to the Global Regina.
This is not the happiest subject to report on, but the outcome will impact the lives of many. If you have not seen Dear Zachary, it is highly recommended.

Source: /Film

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