Josh Brolin Gives An Update On The MEN IN BLACK 3 Script

Men In Black 3 has a lot to do with time travel.  The movie is currently filming and the goal is to shoot all of the modern day scenes before the end of the year when they will go on hiatus until February. Many have speculated that this hiatus signals script problems and means a rewrite is in the works.

Josh Brolin will play the 1969 version of Tommy Lee Jones’ character. While doing press for True Grit, Brolin had the chance to update MTV about the the film. Brolin has not actually filmed his sequences of the film yet.
He jokingly referenced the ever-changing script for the craptastic Jonah Hex and stated,

“It’s not ‘Jonah Hex! I love that that’s like the thing,” he laughed. “There’s ‘No Country [For Old Men]’ and then there’s ‘Jonah Hex.'”
“No, it’s great, it’s fantastic,” he said of the current “Men In Black 3” script, “but that’s all I can say.”

Are you convinced by Brolin’s response?  What are your thoughts of the upcoming Men In Black 3?
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