Hugh Jackman Bulks Up For THE WOLVERINE

Not much is known about Darren Aronofsky‘s The Wolverine. Recently, Hugh Jackman spoke with EW and gave us a few details about the film!

Jackman has been asked by Aronofsky to bulk up for the role before filming starts in the spring. According to the actor he has to gain 25 lbs of muscle, “which is more than I ever have for the role.”  
He has sought the advice of Dwayne Johnson, who had to gain 25 lbs for his role in Faster.  Jackman had the following to say about his conversation with The Rock,“I rang him up and was like, Okay, tell me what’sgoing on.” According to The Rock, he had to put on 6 lbs a week by eating 6,000 calories a day. Jackman pointed out that adds up to an awful lot of chicken, steak, and brown rice.
Despite the weight gain he is excited about re-teaming with Darren Aronofsky.  Jackman previously working with him on The Fountain in 2006.
Jackman said the following about Aronofsky,

“I love every one of his movies,” he says. “He’s a visionary. I’ve been trying to get Darren since X-Men 3, really. We’ve been talking about this and Wolverine for so long.”

He goes on to say,

“we had a meeting about three weeks ago, catching up as friends more than anything, and he just ran a few ideas by me and my eyes just lit up, because already I think this is like a whole new ballgame – just the ideas, the level of depth, and intelligence, and creativity. I think he’s been waiting so long to do a movie in this genre. When he found the script, he said this is it. It’s really exciting.”

Other than these morsels of info, we do know that The Wolverine is set to be a one-off rather than a traditional sequel.  I am very excited about seeing what Aronofsky can do with this film.  What are your thoughts on this news?
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