Kathryn Bigelow To Film Indie Black Ops Thriller Before TRIPLE FRONTIER

It has just been announced that Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal are currently developing an international thriller that will shoot between now and Fall 2011.  No need to worry folks, Triple Frontieris not going to be affected by this indie project.  

Details on the story are scarce at the moment.   It is said to focus on black ops and is based on on a true story that appeared in printed for.  There is not a script as of yet for the film, but the plan would be for Boal to write and Bigelow to direct. This is the same method used for the Oscar winning film The Hurt Locker.  
This project is currently being shopped to attain financing and is very similar in cost to Hurt Locker, which also pulled together it’s financing quickly.   
Tom Hanks is currently committed to star in Triple Frontier which has four major roles.  Other stars such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith have all shown interest at various times.  Insiders say that Depp is also interested in being involved, but Tim Burton‘s Dark Shadows will be his next feature.  
It is common for filmmakers to fill up their schedule when possible by taking on smaller projects in between larger ones.  For instance, Clint Eastwood filmed Letters From Iwo Jima during the downtime of post-production of Flags of Our Fathers. Barry Levinson also did the same when he filmed Wag The Dogwhile Sphere was in development.  
I am excited to see both these new projects from Bigelow and Boal.  What are your thoughts?
Source: Variety
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