Andrew Garfield Talks About His Character & Filming On SPIDER-MAN

When I first heard that Andrew Garfield was going to play the role of Peter Parker in Marc Webb‘sSpider-Man I was like who the hell is Andrew Garfield!? I had not seen any of his work and this was before The Social Network was released or I had seen him in Never Let Me Go.

Today Garfield is one of the most recognized actors and has already garnered a number of nominations for his work.  He is a great actor with a wonderful screen presence and versatility. I am looking forward to seeing him in a comedic role, which I am sure he will have the chance to do if he wishes. He is almost at the point where he can write his own ticket and get inolved in passion projects as he chooses. 
The Envelope recently interviewed Garfield and he revealed some cool details about his experiences while filming the first two weeks of Spider-Man.
He reveals that he has been a fan of Spider-Man since he was younger:

Yes. On Halloween. Bedtimes. Tuesdays. When I was auditioning, my parents sent me a photo of me as a kid in the Spider-Man costume. I gave it to my agent, and my agent slipped it to the studio as they were making their decision. 

What skinny kid wouldn’t love that character? I can’t overstate enough when you start to actually identify what’s happened and you go, “Yeah, I did dream of being Spider-Man when I was a kid.” I’m trying not to lose my mind about it. But it’s not superficial to me. It’s not frothy or frivolous.

Here is what he had to say about the first two weeks of filming the iconic character:

We’re two weeks in. The first week was full of stunts, and I’ve never felt happier in my whole life. I’m all bruised and scratched up, and it feels really good. It’s just me throwing myself up against walls, which is incredibly fun and painful and testing my manhood. It’s a childhood fantasy I’m living out.

I for one am a huge supporter of Garfield in this role. He is a great actor and will be able to take the character to a new direction while being able to stay true to the source material.  
Are you as excited as I am about Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker?
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