Sundance 2011: Kevin Smith Announces Most Of RED STATE Cast Will Return In HIT SOMEBODY

Kevin Smith has revealed some cool news at the end credits of Red State, which states that “almost this entire cast will return in Hit Somebody.” This is the main reason that I want to attend Sundance, you never konw what is going to happen or who you are going to run into. Keep reading to find out the details.

The film is based on the Warren Zevon song, “Hit Somebody” and follows a hockey player named Buddy who gets his chance play professional hockey for the World Hockey Association, but as an enforcer (a player whose sole purpose is to kick ass). The film follows Buddy’s dream is to score just one goal in a hockey game. The feature takes place in the late 1970s before the NHL took over, “during the last gasp of the goon era of hockey when it was all about fighting.”
Smith revealed on Twitter the roles that some of the Red State cast members will have if they sign on to star in Hit Somebody:
  • Michael Parks would play the French Canadian coach of Buddy’s first pro team.
  • John Goodman would play Blue Jay Jennings – Buddy’s first coach.
  • And Smith confirmed he would also like to have Melissa Leo back, “If she’s not too tired from double-fisting awards all year, GOD YES!”
The director had hoped to cast Sean William Scott in the lead as Buddy, but that changed when Scott chose to play a hockey player in the comedy film Goon opposite Jay Baruchel. Smith then announced that he cast Nicholas Braun as Buddy, and that Red State co-star Kyle Gallner will star as a Gretzkytype character early in their career. His character is basically the type of player that Buddy dreams of being. 
This is a common practice for Smith, who has used the closing credits of his past films to announce his future projects. For instance, the Clerks credits promised the return of Jay and Silent Bob in Dogma. The same thing occurred in the credits for Mallrats where the director promised the characters would return in Chasing Amy. Then in Dogma he revealed that Jay & Silent Bob would return in Clerks II: Hardly Clerkin’.
I can not wait to see Red State and am very excited at the prospects of Hit Somebody. This movie sounds like the perfect hockey film. What are your thoughts of this news?

Source: /Film

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