Jane Fonda Wants A BARBARELLA Sequel!

Oscar winner Jane Fonda mentioned in a recent interview that she is interested in reviving her sci-fi movie character Barbarella for a sequel to the cult-classic.

She even stated that she has an idea for the story, 

“I have a dream to do a sequel to Barbarella. Not a remake, a sequel! Look, I get shtupped (has sex) by a blind angel, OK? Let’s just take it from there… I think it could be funny – and feminist.”

The 1968 film was directed by Roger Vadim, Fonda’s then-husband. I have only seen the original once. It was great, but not a favorite film of mine. There has been interest in doing a sequel for many years. None of the projects ever got off the ground.
What are your thoughts on this news?  Would you like to see Fonda revive Barbarella?

Source: 3News NZ

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