Sundance 2011: SILENT HOUSE Purchased But Is The Gimmick A Hoax?

Silent House gets picked up by Liddel Entertainment today, but is the film’s gimmick a scam?

Mickey Liddell‘s Liddell Entertainment has picked up domestic and most world rights to the horror film Silent House after it’s premiere at Sundance.  The film is a remake of the Gustavo Hernandez-directed Uruguayan thriller La Casa Muda which premiered at Cannes.

Silent House is about a girl (Elizabeth Olsen) who gets stuck in an old house that is possibly haunted. What makes the film special is that it’s supposedly filmed in one continuous shot. This sounds pretty cool, but it is all just a big marketing scam?
Here’s the official plot synopsis:

“[Silent House] is told in real time in one continuous take, just as Sarah sees – and experiences – it.”

The official director’s statement reads as follows:

“…We were immediately intrigued and excited by the challenge of telling a story in a single unbroken camera shot. Making this film fascinated us, as it presented a unique approach to filmmaking, and a new way to experience a movie.” … “Our fantastic actors and crew embraced the rigors involved in shooting this film. We were very fortunate to be working with a luminous and gifted leading lady, Elizabeth Olsen. Following her in a continuous take with no cuts, she draws the audience into her reality, provoking what we hope is an intensely visceral experience.”

Many people that saw the press screening are calling BS and say that the film was NOT shot in one continuous shot. Apparently there is a couple of very noticeable moments where the camera most likely cut. No worries, we will not be revealing any spoilers, but one of the scenes in question involve the lights going out completely and the screen goes black for a bit. The other scene involves a character exiting through a door — many audience members at the screening claim they saw a cut in the film at this point.
Cinematical’s Erik Davis interviewed the filmmakers, Chris Kentis and Laura Lau -(Open Water), and was very direct by asking them if the film was truly shot in a continuous shot. I am not a good at judging facial expressions like Tim Roth‘s character in Lie To Me, but watch the video below and see for yourself:
I personally could care less if the film is actually shot in one shot or not. What are your thoughts about this news? Do you think they one shot gimmick is the real deal or fake?

Source: /Film

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